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titleCMR Water Budget 2010


Our goal for 2010 is to end on and even note...meaning we won't have to use any of 2011 Dues money to pay bills from 2010. This year we had to cover over $10,000 of 2009 bills with 2010 dues & water money. Remember, this doesn't cover any mowing or unexpected problems. Remeber...our meeting is Saturday-the 6th @ 2:00 pm and it is the last chance to enter the contest for the Walmart gift card...$5.00 will buy you a guess on how many acres our big lake is. Winner gets the gift card. Hope to see you all there!

DescriptionIndividual costMonthly AmountYearly-Already paidBalance required
Ed Simmons$630.00$7,560.00$630.00$6,930.00
Ray Tabor$450.00$5,400.00$450.00$4,950.00
Electric Bills (water)$600.00$7,200.00$644.29$6,555.71
Dam Inspections500.00 each (x 3)$1,500.00$500.00
State Water Fees$500.00$500.00
Tax Return fees$250.00$250.00
Bookeeping fees$120.00$1,440.00$1,440.00
Property Taxes$900.00$900.00
Atty. fees$4,000.00$3,000.00$1,000.00
Telephone charges$500.00$35.23$464.77
Chemicals for water$1,200.00$1,200.00
Repair Supplies Water$1,200.00$1,200.00