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                 Members' Remarks and Solutions

Hi ,

   I'm glad to see a new board for CMR and it looks like you will really make a difference.

I am receiving your E mails and appreciate them.  I will remit my dues soon.

Regarding bylaws:  You sent an e mail saying if any of them needed to be revised to let you know.  I have never seen the bylaws, didn't know there were any, don't know what they say.  Can they be published online for owners to read?  Perhaps people would know what to expect to do if they knew what was required.    Betty Baxter Thanks for all the information you are sending.

 Thank you, Betty for your idea.    Jerry Thoma

 Declarations and Restrictions  Click here...


This is wonderful!  I was unable to attend the last meeting, but I can still be updated.  Fantastic. 
Already, I feel that our new board is going to accomplish the necessary goals to transform our retreat.
Thank you!